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Nova Two-Point-Oh-My! by ProtocolX27 Nova Two-Point-Oh-My! by ProtocolX27
Still on a quest to improve Nova's model.  All I can say is that I must have an obsession with sexy skin.  

There's an interesting balance between fantasy and realism. I keep trying to add realism, but when does that no longer become an appealing art choice? :lol:  I'm happy with the result for now.  I've done everything I can think of for now shy of adding moles, wrinkles and hair which I have no intention of doing.  So I stopped with pores, blood vessels and various bump maps. Quite a few minor changes went into this even though most really would not be noticeable without careful scrutiny.  Probably would only matter when zoomed in.


Extracted with miscellaneous modding tools
Imported using Blender
Edited, Posed, Rendered in Blender 2.75a
3840 x 3840 (1920 x 1080 @ 200% each)
2500 Samples
Front: 7 Hrs. 22 Min.
Back: 4 Hrs. 53 Min.

- Torso Form
- Mesh Shadows
- Bikini Shaders
- Eye Glare
- Eye Emission
- Smoothing
- World Lighting
- Hair Clipping

Skin Shader Changes
- Blood Vessels
- Pores
- Naval
- Ab Definition
- Custom Masks

Nova (Blizzard)
- Face (Nova Covert Ops)
DOA5 Assets (Team Ninja, Koei Tecmo)
- Mila: Body, Bikini Top
- Leifang: Body, Bikini Bottom
Random Textures (Internet)

- Implemented World Lighting
- Various tileable textures for skin
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m4a1devgru Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2016
Actually with opening CASC view... I may be able to find her model but there are so many folders? Would you be kind enough to direct me to where her face model is?
ProtocolX27 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2016
Sorry for the delay. I was unable to work on projects for a few weeks. 

Sure, Covert Ops was with the LotV/Campaign Characters content. I believe it had an SMXT3 tag if you need to search for it.  Mine is a bit of a hybrid.  I'm using the newer face & hair, but I'm still using the original armor because the color scheme is more true her original design for the cancelled game.  Her Covert Ops textures where a bit darker and less battle damaged. 

Hope that helps, let me know if you're still stuck. :)
m4a1devgru Featured By Owner Edited Jul 21, 2016
No problem. At least you still responded, I appreciate it, thanks :D

So I messed around a bit more few weeks ago. Here is the problem that I ran into. Yes you are right, the SMX3 is the correct tag. This is where the problem occurs, I had no issue extracting the files.

My problem is that when I use the m3 plugin (…) for 3ds max 2012, it only ports the armor for some strange reason. I get no face. I got the face textures but no face mesh file.

Image here of just the armor ( I did notice you are using the old ghost armor because the old version has decals while the new one does not.

I believe the correct file is SMX3_Nova.m3, am I right? I tried this file and bunch of others to no avail. The face is not ported for whatever the reason. Let me know if this is not the correct file.

If need be could you just send me her head mesh? I tried so many things a few weeks ago and not sure what to do. I am willing to compensate you with 20$. 

ProtocolX27 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016
Yep, sounds like you have the correct file.  I can dig through my resources when I get a sec.  Compensation not necessary, especially since all those boring legal things, etc, :lol:

Here's the kicker on why it's not working.  The SC Art Tools only work with 3dsmax 2011.  The tutorial vid I ran across on YouTube discussed that. I didn't believe it until I couldn't get it to work, lol.  For some reason Blizzard is using features/code specific to that version. 
m4a1devgru Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016
Thanks! That is so awesome! BTW replied in the note!
m4a1devgru Featured By Owner Edited Jun 25, 2016
Wow nice work!

I do have a question, do you have the 3d ripped model of Nova from covert ops you can send me?

I only ask because if those are indeed the ripped model, I missed a TON of details when hand making Nova's armor 3d model, most notably the white marks. I did not see any from the Covert Ops cinematic. If you can send me that the original 3d armor model of Nova from Covert Ops so I can use for reference that would be a HUGE help. Thanks!

Proof of work here:…
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May 25, 2016
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